List of Offensive tactics

Rapid dominance

  • Blitzkrieg
    Carpet bombing
    Human wave attack
    Shock and Awe
    Swarming (Military)

Planned attack

  • Use of Supporting Fire
    Indirect Fire Support
    Base of fire
    Flying wedge (used by Alexander the Great)
    the „refuse“ (cavalry formation)
    Frontal assault
    Holding attack – to hold the enemy in position while other offensive or defensive activity takes place
    Penetration or infiltration
    Pincer movement
    Flanking maneuver
    Attrition warfare

Interdiction – Severing or disrupting lines of communication and supply

  • Air interdiction

Control MSR (Main supply routes)
Envelopment tactics

  • Circumvallation
    Finnish motti tactics
    Vertical envelopment
    – Airborne Forces
    – Air Mobile Forces

Rapid deployment

  • Capturing key points
    Airborne operations
    Air Mobile operations
    Amphibious operations
    Motorized operations
    Tank desant
    Mechanized operations
    Armored operations

Preemptive Strike
Disrupting Communications

  • Electronic countermeasures
    Radar Jamming
    Radio Jamming
    Divide and Conquer

Sources: Wikipedia Modified by Fanterazzi

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