List of military strategies

Offensive Strategies

  • Ambush – An attack on an opponent, usually involving surprise.
    Blitzkrieg – A bombardment immediately followed by a lightning swift attack by mobile forces, named after the German World War II strategy.
    Charge – Direct attack, usually by running up to the opponent.
    Counterattack – An attack when an enemy has attacked, usually when the enemy is weak or complacent.
    Encirclement – To isolate and surround enemy forces.
    Flanking maneuver – This strategy involves attacking the opponent from the side, or rear, flank.
    Human wave attack – Humans used to attack in continuous waves, almost in a desperation move.
    Penetration – A direct attack through the enemy lines, then attack the rear once through.
    Pincer maneuver – Allowing the enemy to attack the center, sometimes in a charge, then attacking the flanks of the charge.
    Raiding – Attacking with the purpose of removing enemy’s supply or provisions.
    Siege – Continuous attack by bombardment on a fortified position, usually by artillery.
    Turning maneuver -An attack that penetrates an enemy flank, then curls into its rear to cut it off from home.
    Pincer ambush – A „U“ shaped attack, keeping the sides concealed and have the middle fall back. When the enemy advances the sides ambush them.
    distraction – An attack by some of the force on one or two flanks, drawing up to a strong frontal attack by the rest of the force.

Defensive Strategies

  • Retreat
    Boxing maneuver A strategy used to „box in“ and force and attack on all sides at once.
    Fabian Strategy (Attrition warfare)
    Military district or also known as Wehrkreis in German.
    Turtling – Continuous reinforcement of an army until it has reached its full strength, then an attack with the now superior force.

Sources: Wikipedia Modified by Fanterazzi

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